• Manic Anorak©


    This is the Manic© Anorak, (tested and proven by pro's at -40 ) the ultimate wind sheltering system. We created this model based on suggestions and recommendations  from friends and pros who brave natures fury every trapping season in the Yukon & Alaska. This model comes standard with a western coyote ruff, and could be upgraded to Grey Wolf or Wolverine (depending on availability), storm cuffs, a wider sweep, and flaps were added to the hand warmer pocket. We don't use zippers or hard ware that can fail, instead we use hook and loop strips (velcro) for securing the gauntlet, pocket flaps, and storm cuffs.  The extra large hood comes with Premium Furs harvested by licensed trappers, tanned by professionals, and finally sewn into ruffs by furriers with over 40 years experience we DO NOT use old fur coats that have been sitting in someones attic for generations to make our ruffs. We guarantee that every inch of anorak is built with the finest materials available in the industry. The front pocket is large enough to preform tasks within while protecting your hands from the elements outside, a looped web, and d ring is sewn on the inside to suspend your keys. We also installed an outer canvas loop at the centre back of the neck for garment suspension. Finally we made the sweep wider and installed 1" trim enhancements to both pocket flaps. You could choose to upgrade your Manic© by replacing the western coyote fur to Wolverine or Wolf. These options come at a premium and could take a bit more time to complete due to their high costs and availability. Please call or email us before you place your order and we will give you a time frame in case your order needs to be rush completed to meet remote air schedules. The standard trim at the pocket flaps could be left out if you wish simply shoot us an email after you place your order with instructions and include your order number that starts with the letter R.