• Blackrak©

    $230.00 $199.99

    New for 2016 is the Black Rak©. constructed with 80% premium 20oz wool. Precisely finished,this garment  yields maximum durability, warmth, and will preserve it's original appearance for years to come. Adding to this, wool is breathable, naturally water resistant and repels moisture vapor through it's fibers making it resistant to rot, mold, mildew, and won't allow the build up of body odors. Wool is also naturally flame resistant.

    Layered as an outer system this rak will turn heads and do the job it's designed to do. We go the extra mile and inspect each and every rak before it's shipped, and hold  a zero return record due to manufacturer defects. Our team of craftsmen/women take their time and are never pressured with turn around times, making  their work less stressful, resulting in the perfect end of the line product. Every aspect of quality control that I'm very well known to enforce, is respected by all our team members, and taken very seriously. 

    We don't sell to wholesalers, retailers, or middlemen. Sought out by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts in Canada, the USA and Europe. We all so build anoraks as per your requirements (sizes,pockets,) simply email or call us with your demands and we will work one on one to make it happen. Our goal is to make our clients and friends 100% satisfied by delivering the best built, best priced, raks on the market, along with the fastest turn around time.