• Arctic Anorak


    Hand crafted using 10/12 oz  tightly woven, breathable 100% cotton canvas this garment, is made here in Canada by our highly trained tailors, and designed to provide a durable and wind proof layer system.  

    Being the last, wind proof layer, it was designed generously wide and extra long, in order to protect your backside and leg muscles, even when bending over or reaching up above your head, and loose enough to allow air to circulate within your insulation. Our tailors go over every section with a straight ,an over lock and finally a safety stitch to give it that extra hold.

    Finally we wash and dry, tightening the weaves, then professionally press each rak individually to give it that crisp feel. Being 100% cotton this garment might shrink slightly again if washed, we recommend dry cleaning or washing your canvas anorak by hand in cold water and hanging it out to dry, to reduce the risk of secondary shrinkage.

    The advertised prices are for sizes up to and include 3XL ,a nominal fee will be added for larger or custom orders.